Please note that these modules are for use only in Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio.

High-level Song Control Sequencing

Use the Song Control Sequencer to build large scale compositions with multiple sections. Manage complex projects with ease. Navigate around large songs using simple forwards and backwards controls. Focus in on individual sections with the press of a Solo button

Detailed Low-level Sequencing

Dig deep into the detail of rhythms, melodies, harmony and sound design using sophisticated low-level sequencing tools.

Experiment with different chord progressions. Capture melodies by step recording from a MIDI keyboard or construct them by manipulating scales, chord arpeggios or individual notes. Keep your melodies coherent using advanced pitch quantization. Turn chords into MIDI with detailed control of timing and velocity spreads. Program evolving drum patterns that take advantage of novel probability functions. Pin down the groove with outstanding control of micro-timing and dynamics. Automate every aspect of your patch with advanced CV sequencing.

Time Flow Manipulation

Manipulate V/Bar timing signals in musically useful ways. These modules provide an open-ended framework for intermediate-level sequencing. They allow you to organise sequences at a scale smaller than song parts but at a scale larger than individual bars. This opens up a whole world of compositional techniques where low-level sequences can be efficiently reused and re-contextualized to build musical forms such as AAAB, ABAC and so on.

Scale and Chord Palette

Add rich harmonic structure to your compositions with tools that help you master scales and chords.

MIDI Tools

Modules offering enhanced MIDI support.

Controller Modules

Modules that generate interesting control voltages.

Visualisation Tools

See what’s happening inside complex patches.


An assortment of utility modules.

Granular Synth

Please note that the Granular Synth bundle is sold separately and is NOT part of LSSP XL.

An advanced granular synthesizer that can deliver incredibly rich textures consisting of up to 500 simultaneously sounding grains.

N-Step Sequencer

Please note that the N-Step Sequencer bundle is sold separately and is NOT part of LSSP XL.

A state-of-the-art step sequencer designed for live perfomance and generative use.

Adroit Custom

Please note that the Adroit Custom bundle is sold separately and is NOT part of LSSP XL.

A powerful system for creating customized user interfaces.

Miscellaneous Modules

Other miscellaneous modules.

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