*Draft Documentation*

The Custom IO module is part of the Adroit Custom bundle.

Custom Panel modules deliberately don’t contain any sockets as cabling would clutter the interface and be susceptible to being accidentally unplugged during live use. However, up to four Custom IO modules can be used to enable wired communication between Custom Panel modules and other modules.

Each Custom IO module has a Bank setting of either A, B, C or D. The bank setting is displayed in a large font so it’s easy to see where say input A3 or output C6 is when using multipe Custom IO modules.

Bank setting

Each Custom IO module has a MIDI Output, 8 CV/audio inputs, 8 general purpose outputs. User-editable labels are provided to help with identification.

The 8 general purpose outputs can be configured to operate in four different ways depending on the settings of +/- toggle buttons and whether or not a paired VCA IN socket is used. When nothing is connected to a VCA IN socket then an output has a 0 V to 5 V range or -5 V to 5 V if its +/- button is engaged.

When a signal is fed to a VCA IN socket then the corresponding output is this signal attenuated by the assigned knob, slider or button. If the +/- button is engaged then attenuverter functionality is provided instead of straighforward attenuation.

IN, VCA IN and OUT sockets along with +/- button and user-editable labels

This setup means that as well as driving any number of knobs, sliders and buttons your interface can output 32 different CV signals or use the VCAs as 32 switches, attenuators or attenuverters (or some combination of these). This enables your interface to rewire patches, control modulation and perform various mixing duties. In addition as there can be four separate MIDI outputs you have up to 64 channels of MIDI CC control which means you can address up to 8,192 different CC targets.