Detailed information about each Adroit module can be obtained via the link labelled THE MODULES that appears at the top right of every page and you could just dive in and experiment but to help you find your feet a number of tutorials are provided.

Each tutorial features a ready built Voltage Modular patch that you can download and run with just a few clicks. The tutorials also include a block diagram of the patch, detailed commentary and a few tips about how to explore further potential.

If you have LSSP XL installed then these tutorials are still highly recommended as an introduction to LSSP. It’s just that you only need the subset of modules included in LSSP 101 in order to follow them.

LSSP 101 Tutorial 1

LSSP 101 Tutorial 2

LSSP 101 Tutorial 3

LSSP 101 Tutorial 4

LSSP 101 Tutorial 5

In addition to these introductory tutorials, more advanced “LSSP XL workshops” are available…

LSSP XL Workshops

[Old tutorials that were used during the beta testing phase are archived here]