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A personal message from Adroit Synthesis founder Colin Parrott.

I have always been fascinated by electronic music and the interaction between art and science. A schoolboy hobby of electronics led me to build my first crude synthesizer in the 1970’s. Soon after, I discovered CMOS digital circuitry and designed my first sequencer based around a CD 4017 chip – cue fond memories of trying to create tunes in the basement with a friend who played bass guitar.

In the early 1980’s I discovered the amazing possibilities afforded by computers and, tired of burning my fingers with a soldering iron, began a long career in software development.

This started with assembler programming on vintage processors like the 6502, Z80, 68000 and 8086 and evolved through C, C++ and Eiffel to Java today.

Along the way I had a long stint in the games industry developing over a dozen published games. I also spent a while doing all kinds of interesting work in the worlds of academia and commerce.

But there was always something missing. I eventually returned to my passion for electronic music and began developing music composition software in the form of a program called JUMP. But this was perhaps the most pirated software I have ever created and was a commercial failure.

But now I’m returning to the field, inspired by recent advances in technology and the possibilities unleashed by virtual modular synthesizer technology, especially Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular.

So I began Adroit Synthesis in August 2020 hoping that it would give me the chance to further explore and share a lifelong passion.

It’s an exciting time for me and I am filled with a sense of energy and optimism that I hope is expressed by the modules I am releasing. I really hope you enjoy using them.

Spring 2021

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