The Adroit Toolkit is small subset of LSSP XL.

Some Adroit Toolkit modules such as CV Watcher and Note Watcher were developed specifically to test the complex behaviour of various LSSP modules. Other modules in the Toolkit are simply modules that are general purpose enough to be of interest to people not using LSSP.

Note that Adroit Toolkit is only available for Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular.

The modules included in the Adroit Toolkit are (in alphabetical order)…

AHR Generator: A West Coast style envelope/function generator

CV Watcher: A visualization tool for examining up to five CVs changing over time

Dual VCA: Two VCAs/LPGs with an inverter, mixer and some neat wiring normalization

Eight to One Poly Switch: A utility for switching between polyphonic signals

Tempo: A handy 96 PPQN sync generator

MIDI Compensator: A utility for solving latency problems by delaying MIDI signals

MIDI Drum Kit: A six-channel router for triggering MIDI drums

MIDI Panic: A utility for solving hanging note problems (also available for free)

MIDI Patch: A utility for sending MIDI Bank Select and Program Change messages

Named Multiple: A multi-purpose utility that’s useful in large patches

Note Watcher: A visualization tool that displays notes on a keyboard graphic

Skin Module: A module that allows you to customize the backgrounds of Adroit modules