Sample & Hold module

A simple module that performs a sample and hold operation.

When a trigger is received by the TRIGGER input the module samples whatever voltage is currently applied to the INPUT socket and then sends this voltage to the OUTPUT socket until another trigger is received.

This is illustrated in the CV Watcher image below.

INPUT in red, TRIGGER in yellow, OUTPUT in green

Note that the Cherry Audio Sample and Hold module is more sophisticated than this module but sometimes all that is required is very basic functionality.


A Sample & Hold module is often used to hold a pitch control voltage steady in generative patches.

For instance the INPUT socket could be connected to a noise source or perhaps an AHR Generator module while the TRIGGER input is fed the GATE OUT signal of a Rhythm Sequencer. Generally the Sample & Hold module’s OUTPUT would then be further processed by a Pitch Adjuster module to quantize the voltage so that the pitch fits into a particular scale or chord.

Below is a relatively simple generative patch that uses a slow LFO and a AHR Generator that’s triggered each bar mixed together to produce an input for the Sample & Hold module.

A simple Sample & Hold based generative patch

Another useful application for this module is to hold the PITCH OUT control voltage from a Melody Sequencer steady when a Rhythm Sequencer driving the Melody Sequencer has a PROBABILTY setting of less than 100%.

Tutorial link

The Sample & Hold module is introduced in LSSP 101 Tutorial 2.


The Sample & Hold module is available in both LSSP XL and LSSP 101.