Chords occur when multiple pitches sound at the same time.

LSSP provides a range of modules that help you construct chords and sequences of chords – known as chord progressions.

A chord can be transmitted from one LSSP module to another using a single cable carrying a “chord signal”.

Adroit chord signals are practically identical to Adroit scale signals. They use the exact same S-Poly technical implementation. The only difference is the intention.

The Progression module is a specialized sequencer that takes a series of chord signals and selects one at time for output to other modules. The 8 to 1 Poly Switch works in a similar manner can be clock-driven.

The Chord Player module takes a chord signal, a gate signal (and possibly a velocity signal) and converts them into a series of MIDI messages that enable Adroit chord signals to be easily converted into a format that can drive all manner of sound generating modules.

Diatonic Triads Module

Diatonic triads are three note chords that use notes from a scale. They are fundamental to western harmony.

Although the terminology may sound rather technical you will already be familiar with the sounds of the chords that this module produces as practically every composition you will have heard will be based on them.

Diatonic Triads module.

Chord Module

While the Diatonic Triads module provides multiple popular chords that belong to a particular key simultaneously, this module focuses on producing just one chord at a time but gives you a much wider range of chord types.

Chord module.

Chord From Scale Module

This module provides yet another way of generating chord signals. It extracts chords from scales. It also has a voltage control feature that might be of useful in more experimental patches.

Chord From Scale module.

Chord Memory Module

This module lets you create chords either by playing them on an external MIDI keyboard, recording them via its input or by clicking on the built-in keyboard graphic.

Chord Memory module.

Inversion Module

Chord inversions are used to transform chords to different pitch ranges by moving the notes of a chord into different octaves.

Inversion module.

Octaves Module

While not producing chord signals this module can be useful in the context of chords and scales. All the scale and chord modules in LSSP produce signals in the “bottom octave” in other words 0 volts or C2 in the Voltage Modular world. This ultra simple module provides a source of voltage offsets that can shift a scale or chord into the octave required.

Octaves Module.

The Adroit Melody Sequencer and Chord Player modules both have dedicated OCTAVE knobs that enable you to select the octave of their output signals, also most oscillators and such like have octave range switches so in practice you might not need this module very often.