S-Poly Adapters module

This module provides an adapter that converts regular Poly signals into S-Poly ones and another adapter that convert S-Poly signals into regular Poly ones.

S-Poly signals are used by Adroit Synthesis modules to provide secure 16 channel communication that is not adversely affected by Voltage Modular’s polyphony setting.

Note that when converted to regular Poly signals the number of connections that work is no longer guaranteed. It is limited by the Number of Voices setting in Voltage Modular.

It’s also important to realise that the conversions done by this module are just one-to-one. In other words when converting regular Poly to S-Poly, channel X of the regular Poly signal is transferred to channel X of the S-Poly signal. Likewise when converting S-Poly to regular Poly, channel X of the S-Poly signal is transferred to channel X of the regular Poly signal.

The module doesn’t do any kind of magical protocol conversion. So you can’t just plug in a regular poly pitch signal and expect to get an S-Poly chord or scale signal out the other end. Or vice versa.

S-Poly chord and scale signals use a convention (where channel 1 carries a voltage indicating how many notes are represented by the following channels). Regular poly pitch signals simply don’t carry sufficient information for automatic conversion to happen as they work in tandem with a second poly gate signal and it’s only by interpreting both the poly pitch and poly gate information together that one could do a protocol conversion.

The potential confusion is caused by the difference between a physical mechanism for transferring up to 16 voltages from one end of a cable to the other end and protocols or conventions about what these voltages “mean”.

So just to reinforce the above what this module does is a low-level conversion at the physical (or transport) level rather than any kind of protocol conversion.

The differences between S-Poly chord and scale signals and regular poly pitch and poly gate signals is explained in more detail in the How polyphony works in LSSP section of the S-Poly overview.


The S-Poly Adapters module is part of LSSP XL.