Pitch Adjuster module

This module provides two channels of pitch quantization.

Each channel adjusts its pitch CV input to the nearest note in the chord or scale while preserving the original octave of the input.

Unlike regular quantizers that adjust pitches to fit a preset scale this module utilizes a voltage controlled input so can adapt in real-time to whatever chord or scale is fed to the CHORD/SCALE IN S-Poly socket.

The most obvious application is to feed the output of the Adroit Progression sequencing module to this module so that any control voltages applied to PITCH CV IN 1 or PITCH CV IN 2 are adjusted to fit the current chord in a chord progression.

If nothing is connected to the CHORD/SCALE IN socket then both channels quantize their input voltages to fit the chromatic scale.

Note that the quantization works with the exact voltages received by the CHORD/SCALE IN so micro-tuning is fully supported. A MONO TO S-POLY module can be used to construct custom scales as described here.

Tutorial link

The Pitch Adjuster module is introduced in LSSP 101 Tutorial 1.