MIDI Drum Kit module

A six channel module designed for triggering MIDI drum sounds.

Each drum channel sends MIDI note on and note off messages when its GATE IN socket receives a gate or trigger signal.

Voltages fed to the VEL IN sockets control the velocity of each drum channel. The ADJUST knobs enable these velocities to be manually scaled up or down. If a VEL IN socket is not connected then the ADJUST knob can be used to set a static velocity for a channel.

Individual channels can be soloed using their S buttons. The CANCEL SOLOS button cancels all active solos.

Individual channels can be muted using their M buttons. The CANCEL MUTES button cancels all active mutes.

If both the S and M buttons are engaged at the same time then the Solo function takes precedence.

Use the up and down buttons to select which MIDI note and MIDI channel is used by each drum channel.

To make rapid changes to the settings hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the up or down buttons.

All drum channels can share the same MIDI channel or use different MIDI channels if the connected device is multi-timbral and more control is required – for example to use a different drum kit or to apply individual tuning, pan, effects etc on each drum channel.

In most circumstances it doesn’t matter whether a short trigger or a longer gate signal is sent to the GATE IN socket but some MIDI sound generators provide patches that mute the sound when a Note Off message is received (i.e. when the gate goes low) so either type of signal can be used.

The LINK IN socket provides a convenient way to patch this module to the trigger outputs of the first six tracks of a Drum Sequencer module. Instead of six cables just one will do the job…

LINK IN used to reduce number of cables


The MIDI Drum Kit module is available as part of LSSP XL or Androit Tookit. It is also available as an individual module.