The assumption here is that you have gone through the LSSP 101 tutorials, so have a basic grasp of how LSSP works and also that you have Voltage Modular Core and Adroit Synthesis LSSP XL installed on your computer.

The workshops presented here feature .voltagepreset files that you can download so at one level this page can be seen as merely a library of presets but most of them feature detailed commentary which you might find useful for digging deeper into LSSP.

They don’t need to be followed in any particular order.

The All Modules Patch – all LSSP modules assembled in one patch.

London Crime Theme – a patch that creates a short theme tune.

Ninth Triangle – a minimalistic patch that uses the AHR Generator to create arpeggios.

Arwen – a patch that explores how to create a fairly large scale soundscape style composition.

Andalusian Stargate – a patch that explores chord progressions and linking LSSP to the Granular Synth.