Chord module with classic skin

This module outputs an S-Poly chord signal selected by one of the 23 preset chord buttons.

In general the chord types on the left have a major character and are light and happy. The chords on the right have a minor character and have a darker more sombre feel. The suspended chords at the bottom of the right hand column of buttons have a more ambiguous feel. But don’t take this too literally – it’s possible to write sad songs using major chords and happy songs using minor ones.

The LEDs indicate the intervallic relationships of the notes that the chord is built from. So for instance the LEDs beneath the “3” label indicate major and minor thirds.

The root of the chord is controlled by the pitch voltage fed into ROOT IN socket. This voltage could be supplied by a scale module or the BASS OUT of a Chord Memory module. If nothing is connected the default root is C.

By default all chords are in root position, Use an Inversion module to rearrange the voicing.

If you just want to shift a chord up or down by octaves then the Octaves module is a convenient source of voltages to add to the root.

The Chord Listening Patch might be useful for understanding how this module works.

Other chord modules.

Skinning Shortcut

The Chord and Chord Memory modules are bundled with the Adroit Granular Synth yet by default look quite different. But if you right click on the ~Adroit~ logo at the bottom of these modules they will switch backgrounds. You only need to do this once as they will remember the setting. Another right click on the logo will return them to normal behaviour.

Granular Synth skin


The Chord module is part of LSSP XL and the Granular Synth and N-Step bundles.