When you click on a download button on this website a .voltagepreset file will be downloaded to your computer.

You then need to open the file to get Voltage Modular to recognize the preset as there is no “import preset” function.

Opening a .voltagepreset file should automatically launch the standalone version of Voltage Modular with the following dialog…

Save Preset dialog

Here you can change the category or name or just click on Cancel if you want to try out the patch without commiting to saving it yet.

Alternatively you can launch Voltage Modular first and then open a .voltagepreset file, either by double-clicking on it or dragging and dropping it on to the Voltage Module application.

If you are running Windows and have Version 2.7.0 of Voltage Modular installed then when you launch Voltage Modular by clicking on a .voltagepreset file it initially has empty cabinets. The problem goes away if you then load the preset using the drop-down at the top of the window but you may prefer to use the second method as it’s a bit less confusing. Hopefully Cherry Audio will fix this minor problem in the next update of Voltage Modular.